Sean & Hailey // Surprise Proposal Friends Lake NY

When Lorraine originally contacted me, she hired me to take some family portraits of everyone at her family‘s beautiful lake side cabin that has been in the family for a few generations. A few weeks later, I received a voicemail saying she had just found out that her niece’s boyfriend was planning on proposing, at the same time, in front of all 30+ people, and if I would be ok with capturing that too. YES!YES!YES!

This was my second surprise proposal and I can’t explain how scary, exciting, and incredible they are.

Only a few people knew of Sean’s plan and the reaction from the family and Hailey were priceless. The sun was setting and the light was golden & beautiful, and as to not miss a beat, Hailey asked to take her portraits in the absolute best light and best spot for the proposal.

What an incredible moment and I am always honored to be able to capture and share such special moments. Thank you Krug Family!