Ben & Melanie // Highland Castle Proposal Bolton Landing NY

After 12 years of being a wedding photographer, I have never photographed a proposal. So after initially listening to a voicemail on my phone from Ben, about his plan to propose to his girlfriend at Highland Castle overlooking Lake George I was 100% excited and 100% terrified. After speaking to him on the phone and learning of the incredible plan already set in motion, I knew we had something special. The key would be to get Melanie to the Castle on a Thursday afternoon and have her not suspect anything strange. We also didn't hide the fact that I was there, instead I set up a few strobes in the great room and I would be there to “shoot some new images for the castle’s website”.

All the planning helped it go off even better than I could’ve dreamt up!!! I still get giddy reliving this incredible moment. What made it even more special was Ben had his family and Melanie’s parents on site to share in the celebration.

Happy New Year!!!