About me

I am not one to boast or brag when speaking about myself, but in the case that you have found my website and made it this far I think it is important that I share my story. I fell in love with still images when I was 16 while taking my first photography class in high school. The moment I developed my first roll and witnessed the magic of creating a real photograph under the amber lights in the darkroom, I became a photo junkie. I spent the next six years following my passion and graduated from RIT with a BFA in photography in 2002. I had never intended to become a wedding photographer, it was actually last on my list in college of where I wanted this passion to take me. It was only after shooting a wedding with a friend as a favor that I realized that this was an outlet for my photography that was amazingly rewarding.

I sincerely appreciate you spending time viewing my work.

Side facts: My wife is an angel, I love ALL dogs, I live in the middle of nowhere in the Adirondacks, I love the outdoors, I play cribbage, and my favorite color is blue.

I look forward to connecting.